Ice Cream Toppings

Create your own individual toppings table. Let us know your colour or theme then pick your toppings from the list below.

If you want something that is not on the list get in touch and we will do our best to source it.

Cadbury Flakes are standard, then we suggest 2 sauces, 1 sprinkles and 3 other toppings to give your guests a good selection.

Extra sauces and toppings can be added to your package for an additional charge.

Current Toppings:

Cadbury Flakes

Sauces (Choose 2)





Salted Caramel



Sicilian Lemon

Sprinkles (Choose 1)

Chocolate Vermicelli

Multi-colour Sugar Strands

Other Toppings (Choose 3)

KitKat Pieces

Milky Way Pieces

Mini Rolos

Biscoff Crumb

Oreo Crumb

Salted Caramel Chips

Fudge Pieces

Mini Marshmallows

Mini Chocolate Beans (Smarties)

Popping Candy

White Belgian Chocolate Drops

Milk Belgian Chocolate Drops

Dark Belgian Chocolate Drops